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   Southern Smoke Catering

Southern Smoke Catering began in December by a Husband and Wife that have a passion for coking. They strive to produce the Best Southern Style and Coastal favorites around. They have great customer service experience, as they both work in the medical field.

Southern Smoke Catering is a small business out of Lexington, SC and has the capacity to travel and cook on-site with our mobile unit. Southern Smoke Catering specializes in smoked meats, homemade sides, Italian foods, and seafood customized to your taste. These are just to name a few. Whether you need a Backyard BBQ, Rehearsal Dinner, or even a Wedding we can accommodate your needs.

Our goal is to produce ultimately the best quality food, best customer experience and service by putting a smile on your face to take the stress of you on your special day!


Andrea and Brett Coker


Contact us at:

Facebook Southern Smoke Catering


803-707-4919 or843-373-3954 call/text

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Southern Smoke Catering Menu


Spinach Dip                   

Shrimp Dip                     

Crab Dip                       

Charcuterie Board       

Chicken Salad             

Boiled Shrimp               

Cheese Ball                   

Sausage Balls               

Ham Delights 

Main Dishes 


Pulled Pork

BBQ Chicken

Pork Loin

Pulled Chicken                          



Prime Rib     

Low Country Boil                   


Taco Bar                                   

Chicken Parmesan               

Spaghetti and Meatballs         

Chicken Alfredo                       

Oyster Roast                            

Tri Tip                                       

 Fish of Choice                         


Mac and Cheese

Green Bean Casserole

Asparagus Soufflé

Broccoli and Cheese Casserole


Cole Slaw

Green Beans

Pasta Salad

Peach Baked Beans

Hash Brown Casserole                 

Mashed Potatoes

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes             

House Salad                                     

Greek Salad

Bread Sticks                                     

Corn Bread

Jalapeno and Cheese Cornbread      

Squash Casserole

Veggie Casserole                            

Hush Puppies


Broccoli and Cheese  Potato

Shrimp and Grits         


She- Crab                       


Fish Stew


 Lemon Bars                             

Banana Pudding                          

Dirt Cake                                        


Key Lime Pie                                 




Peach Cobbler







Prices range from $6.00 per person to $25.00 per person depending on selection

All sides are $3.00 per person

All deserts except cheese cake are $2.75 per person

Cheese cakes with 2 toppings $3.50 per person


All beef and seafood dishes are market price.


All pork and chicken items with 3 sides or (2 and a desert) rolls, pickled onions, pickles, 3 sauces, and a drink 


Taco bars: comes with 2 meats, 2 beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, cheese, homemade guacamole,  homemade pico de gallo , 2 home made salsas, queso, chips, tortilla, sour cream, 2 hot sauces and drinks . If steak is one of meats it’s an extra $1.50 per person.


Italian dinners, with salad, bread sticks and drink 


Soups:  per person except gumbo, she crab and shrimp and grits.


Shrimp and grits  per person


Appetizers  person except crab dip.


Charcuterie Boards: $6-$8 per person.


Drinks 1.00 per person.

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